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New October 2019 -- the Egyptian Ascension Oracle Deck -- adds the ten bodies to the 54 Neters, corresponding to the 64 codons......

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Anubis, Hathor, Lotus, Ankhs

The Egyptian Ascension Oracle Deck is available in two sizes direct from our drop shipper.

  •  Jumbo Size {3.5 x 5.5 in}
    • Deck of 66 Cards ( 5.60x3.60x1.45 in )
    • Booklet
    • Custom Box
    • Bonus: Layout & Journal Sheet
View Jumbo Deck on TheGameCrafter: here
  •  Poker Size {63 x 88 mm}
    • Deck of 66 Cards ( 3.60x2.60x1.18 in )
    • Booklet
    • Custom Box
View Euro Poker Deck on TheGameCrafter: here


Designed by GoldenHawk: 
All artwork and interpretations by GoldenHawk.  

Golden Egyptian Akh

Available 2019 as Advance Reader Copy:  

Reference Booklet on the Neteru (Egyptian Natures of Divinity)

Available in Hardcopy here

Also available in-class as a downloadable PDF or as a bound book.