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Phoenix Wing 925 Sterling Silver Filigree Blue Labradorite Ring


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Phoenix Wing 8.54g 925 Sterling Silver Ring
7.5cts AAA Light Blue Labradorite pear cabochon  
Sizes 6 7 8 9 10

Product Symbolism
Pure elegance, the beaks of the phoenixes meeting in a kiss, forming a ‘Star Gate’.  Ancient spirituality expressed for a new Age. Inspiration to Ascend to a better Self and Life. Phoenix Fyr™ pieces are energetically balanced through Icons as well as minerals to create a beautifully harmonizing synergy. Created to synergistically work with the energy and aesthetics of the Divine Mother Collection and fits Phoenix Fyr™.  

New perspective on ancient spirituality that speaks to our souls ‘The PHOENIX: Self-Created’, ‘Lord of Jubilees ‘, ‘The Ascending One’“ I am the Bennu Bird, the Heart-Soul of RA, the Guide of the Gods through the underworld” (Egyptian book of the Dead). To ‘Become the Phoenix’ is to ‘Rise Brilliantly’ to ‘Shine’, attaining Immortality through awakening, burning to ashes the old and painful, as it rises into new life. A universal symbol of free will, healing & ascension spanning thousands of years, bridging time & cultures.

Stunning AAA Light Blue 7.5ct. pear cabochon Labradorite 'Temple of the Stars' brings success on all levels, Universal, Celestial and Terrestrial. Carrying or wearing this stone is said to shield, balance, maintain and align auric subtle & physical bodies. Provides understanding of personal destiny & divine contracts. Assisting in translation of intuition, dreams and insight into intellectual understanding. Perfect stone for protection. It separates personal energy from other energy, including geom antic energy. The energy of Labradorite has been seen as an auric shield that aids understanding & wisdom.

Product Features
Large yet delicate statement piece. Simple but elegant 7.5cts of stunning AAA Light Blue pear cabochon Labradorite in a setting so unique and beaming with luster it will work with any outfit from jeans to formal wear its perfect for any occasion from the office to the opera. Color and flash varies in these natural untreated stones.

Perfect accessories, these become very much a ‘Signature’ piece, as you can change it to suit your mood, outfit or occasion and collect other pieces to give it more versatility and personalization! Choose from sizes 6  7  8  9  10. 

Pieces are interchangeable between sets adding variety for life’s many transitions. Great for travel, easily stashed in a purse or bag. A great gift for yourself, your mother, sister, girlfriend, fiance or wife for any occasion.

Included is our tarnish resistant micro fiber Phoenix Fyr™ Signature pouch with convenient Scroll of Legend and Lore that put properties and attributes at your fingertips. Also included is a 21-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Product Details
8.54g 925 Sterling Silver
AAA Light Blue Labradorite 25mm x 18mm x 4.2mm pear (7.5cts)
Sizes 6  7  8  9  10

Purchase Incudes
Pouch & Scroll 
21-Day Money Back Guarantee

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Phoenix Wing 925 Sterling Silver Filigree Blue Labradorite Ring is for you.

Inventory Last Updated: Sep 25, 2020