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Phoenix Fyr™ 925 Sterling Silver ‘Ankh of Amenet’ Pendant


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Phoenix Fyr™ Divine Mother 925 Sterling Silver ‘Ankh of Amenet’ Pendant
Shown separately and on Menat and Collars.
Sold here alone.

Product Symbolism
A new perspective on ancient Sacred Feminine spirituality speaks to our souls. A piece from the Divine Mother Collection ‘The Ankh of Amenet’ is a beautiful 3D ‘Goddess’ form with open filigree work done as Phoenix wings. The 3D Goddess form imagery aligns with eternal fire & strength. Phoenix Fyr™ pieces are energetically balanced through Icons as well as minerals to create a beautifully harmonizing synergy. As a true work of art in 9.2g 925 Sterling Silver with her arms and wings held open and a wonderful representation of the ‘Great Mother’ this piece has strong ‘Divine Feminine’ energy. 

The ‘Ankh of Amenet’ began as an original copyrighted design. Hand-crafted by a Pacific Northwest metal smith, a wax sculpture was hand carved, then a hand pressed mold was made to create original metal templates. The first Divine Mother ‘Ankh of Amenet’ was finished and polished by hand, then reproduced. Phoenix Fyr™ offers you these high quality reproductions of handmade originals.

Product Features
Beautifully crafted in 9.2g Sterling Silver.
 A large statement piece. Simple but elegant created to synergistically work with the energy and aesthetics of the Divine Mother Collection and fits Phoenix Fyr™. Menat Chains & Collars 10mm x 7mm ‘Jewelers Oval’ bail, easily slips over many standard cords, chains and collars 2.5" x 1.6". 

Perfect accessories, these become very much a ‘Signature’ piece, as you can change it to suit your mood, outfit or occasion and collect other pieces to give it more versatility and personalization! 

Pieces are interchangeable between sets adding variety for life’s many transitions. Great for travel, easily stashed in a purse or bag. A great gift for yourself, your mother, sister, girlfriend, fiance or wife for any occasion. 

Included is our tarnish resistant micro fiber Phoenix Fyr™ Signature pouch with convenient Scroll of Legend and Lore that put properties and attributes at your fingertips. Also included is a 21-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Product Details
9.2g 925 Sterling Silver
64mm x 42mm overall

Purchase Includes
Pouch & Scroll
21-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Phoenix Fyr™ 925 Sterling Silver ‘Ankh of Amenet’ Pendant is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

Inventory Last Updated: Sep 26, 2021