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Spiral Dancer Body Pillow Case


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Spiral Dancer
“I am the Bennu Bird, the Heart-Soul of RA, the Guide of the Gods through the underworld”     -Egyptian Book of the Dead

To ‘Become the Phoenix’ is to ‘Rise Brilliantly’ to ‘Shine’. Legend is that the Phoenix burst forth from the heart of Osiris during His Resurrection. RA is re-born through the seeding of Light into Auset (Isis), creating the Horus line of God-Kings, attaining Immortality through awakening, and burning to ashes the old and painful, as it rises into new life. Its cry is the most beautiful song, giving the Sun pause, as its voice rises through the Heavens. It is said to always return to Egypt to rest upon The Ben Ben Stone in The Temple of the Phoenix, which is considered one of the most sacred places on Earth until The Stone was stolen, and the temple defiled. It is a universal symbol of free will, healing & ascension spanning thousands of years, that bridges time & cultures.     -GoldenHawk

Product Detail
There’s no replacement for high-quality sleep. For a beautiful custom look the Spiral Dancer artwork is printed on both sides. Your Spiral Dancer artwork body pillow case is unmatched in support and comfort with your choice of a plush polyester or a soft microfiber. The body case features a concealed zipper for both a streamlined appearance and easy removal from the pillow for washing. Made in the USA. Machine washable in cold water, gentle cycle, mild detergent. Do not bleach, tumble dry low.

The Spiral Dancer Body Pillow Case is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 22, 2024